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Friday’s foreign currency exchange rate September 23, 2022

Nepali Exchange Rate today Fixed By Nepal Rastra Bank Currency Unit Buy Sell INR (Indian Rupee) 100 160.00 160.15 Open Market Exchange Rates (For the purpose of Nepal Rastra Bank) Currency Unit Buy Sell USD (U.S. Dollar) 1 129.08 129.68 EUR (European Euro) 1 127.57 128.16 GBP (UK Pound Sterling) 1 146.34 147.02 CHF (Swiss Franc) 1 131.79 132.41 AUD (Australian Dollar) 1 85.67 86.07 CAD (Canadian Dollar) 1 95.84 96.29 SGD (Singapore Dollar) 1 91.07 91.49 JPY (Japanese Yen) 10 9.05 9.09 CNY (Chinese Yuan) 1 18.24 18.32 SAR (Saudi Arabian Riyal) 1 34.31 34.47 QAR (Qatari Riyal) 1 35.33 35.49 THB (Thai Baht) 1 3.45 3.47 AED (UAE Dirham) 1 35.14 35.31 MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) 1 28.26 28.40 KRW (South...

Kalimati Vegetable Rate, Vegetable Rates Nepal, Vegetable Price in Nepal

Kalimati Vegetable and Fruits Rate Today Daily prices - September 23, 2022 A.D. Commodity ⇅ Unit ⇅ Minimum ⇅ Maximum ⇅ Average ⇅ Tomato Big(Nepali) Kg 45 50 48 Tomato Big(Indian) Kg 60 70 65 Tomato Small(Local) Kg 25 30 28 Tomato Small(Tunnel) Kg 35 40 38 Potato Red Kg 68 70 69 Potato Red(Indian) Kg 36 38 37 Potato Red(Mude) Kg 64 65 65 Potato White Kg 52 53 53 Onion Dry (Indian) Kg 36 38 37 Carrot(Local) Kg 120 130 127 Cabbage(Local) Kg 30 40 35 Cauli Local Kg 120 130 127 Raddish Red Kg 40 50 45 Raddish White(Local) Kg 20 25 23 Raddish White(Hybrid) Kg 30 35 33 Brinjal Long Kg 50 60 55 Brinjal Round Kg 60 70 67 Cow pea(Long) Kg 80 90 85 Cowpea(Short) Kg 70 80 75 French...
caregiver training in nepal

Caregiver Training in Nepal for Israel : Apporved by Government

Caregiver and hebrew language Training in Nepal Authorised List by Nepal Government .   Hello friends greetings! Here is more information about the Caregiver Training in Nepal. These are the list of training centers in Nepal...

Vegetable Calendar Nepal Will Make You Tons Of Cash. Here’s How!

Temperature control greenhouses and other technical concepts make planning vegetable sowing easier. Know more about Vegetable Calendar Nepal Will Make You Tons Of Cash. Here's How! Yudhishthira’s Wisdom Today, man-made things, like greenhouses, do a great...

Yudhishthira’s Wisdom

Once upon a time, five Pandav brothers were hunting for a deer. They were in the deep jungle. They couldn't find the deer. Later on, they felt thirsty. They were also tired too. Then sent...
Financial Freedom sign

The Path to Financial Freedom: Earn Your First Million in Seven Years

Bodo Schäfer, the world's number one bestseller, suggests tips to help you be as successful as he and many others have been in showing you the path to financial freedom. For many people, the concept...

How To Learn About What Is Financial Freedom? In Only a Day.

What is financial freedom and the path to get there? Achieving financial freedom is a goal for most people. Financial freedom usually means having enough savings, financial investments, and cash on hand to afford the...

WEATHER Forecasts Today in Nepal

Today Partly to generally cloudy in the hilly and mountainous areas of the country and mainly fair in rest of the country. Isolated Brief rain or thundershowers is likely to occur at a few places...

Full Form of Words

full form If you are looking for the complete form of any abbreviation of any type of topic, we are here to provide you with the entire list based on category. We have arranged a...

Every Day Brings New Choices.- Martha Beck

Inspirational Quote: Every day brings new choices. Martha Beck Read Also: Has COVID led to higher life insurance quotes? iQuanti: Since life insurance quotes depend on the health and life expectancy of each individual, it is difficult to analyze...