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Informatics College Pokhara (ICP) has partnered directly with London Metropolitan University, UK to provide an enviable higher education in IT and business to Pokhara students at an affordable price. It is a partner school of ING Group and was established in 2011.

All courses offered at Informatics College Pokhara are approved by the Ministry of Education and equivalency is provided by Tribhuvan University of Nepal. Thus, it expands the placement opportunities in the government sectors for our graduates and opens the doors to further their education at any university in the world.


ICP prides itself on having excellent academics, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and resources to support our students throughout their educational journey. ICP also aims to create graduates who will be sought after by potential employers both nationally and globally. In addition, ICP ensures that the support you receive through its team is unmatched and will help you achieve the goals you aspire to achieve.

Informatics College Pokhara Features:

1. Direct and full-time university course in the UK

Informatics College Pokhara offers direct degrees in Business and Information Technology. The courses are fully designed and approved by the London Metropolitan University. As it is a direct association, there are no credit transfer problems. Students can complete their entire undergraduate degree at Informatics College Pokhara. ICP students are recognized as genuine UK college students. The course is also approved by the Ministry of Education and equivalency is provided by Tribhuvan University.

2. University run by the pioneers of education in the UK

Established in 2011, Informatics College is the first college in Pokhara to partner with a UK-based university and is led by a team of national and international scholars who are the pioneers of UK education. Pokhara College of Informatics has produced more than 3,500 graduates so far.

3. The British style of learning

Informatics College Pokhara adopts the internationally practiced teaching-tutorial-workshop methodology of the UK education system. This means that the delivery of the course is more skill-based and knowledge-based, with a primary focus on self-study and research. This learning style promotes leadership and entrepreneurship by preparing students to think successfully out of the box.

4. International exhibition

Students from Pokhara College of Informatics can travel to Thailand on an all-expenses-paid trip to participate in the 15-day summer camp program at the University of Thailand Chamber of Commerce. Those students have the opportunity to acquire intercultural skills by interacting with a diverse group of students from around the world.

5. The best resources

Informatics College Pokhara offers state-of-the-art academic and social facilities, to ensure that students get the best education possible and enjoy learning. Students will also have access to the vast and excellent resources at London Metropolitan University.

6. Learn from the best

With both academic and industrial experience, the nationally and internationally recognized faculties at Informatics College Pokhara turn textbook theories into real-life examples. It gives students the opportunity to learn based on their real-life knowledge and to partner with industry professionals.

Facilities of ICP:

Cafeteria Counseling Tour
Student Service Department Scholarships International tours
Library CCTV Internships
Learning Zones Placements ECA
Discussion Rooms Seminar Rooms Clubs
Internet Conference Halls Health care
Multimedia E-Library A / C classrooms
Parking Computer Labs Banking Services
Journals Alumni Financing

Academic Programs:

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology

  • BSc (Hons) Computing

2. Bachelors in Business Administration

  • BBA (International Business)
  • BBA (Marketing) with International Business
  • BBA (Accounting & Finance) with International Business

Contact Details:

Matepani-12, Pokhara, Kaski, Nepal

Landline: 977-061-5381150

Mobile no: 9825198190

Viber/ WhatsApp: 9801007070




  • London Metropolitan University

Courses Offered

  • BBA in International Business
  • BBA in Marketing
  • BBA in Accounting & Finance
  • B.Sc. (Hons) in Computing


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